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When I was 9 years old, I started dreaming of one day I would be a painter and now, it comes true that I am immersed in my own color world. I grew up in the North-west mountainous area although I was not born there as a child of the forest. Till at the age of thirty, I was aware of what I should do to reach my dream and this is an arduous task. On the artistic journey, I sometimes thought I would quit my dream since I couldnot know what to do more, where or how to go at many big turns. With much of concerns about painting, I became desperate. At the age of 35, I still wondered that I hadnot yet grown up at all and so, why could I expect the day I would be able to make a painting? This disappointment always remained in my mind. I knew I had to go but where to go and what to take along on the way, the only answer was that education and training: I thought I would have to study art at the university level and then higher, at the lever of master. I left Son La province with my burning desire of “to paint”. Perhaps, Hoa Binh province is the origin of fate. I left Son La province, the bit higher land to Hoa Binh, and continued to search for the right answer. I devoted my time to work as an art teacher as well as an art student. I learned in the art university and especially from my masters and my friends. In 2010, my master gave me the word of “self-confident” as his present. Yes, at that time, my own problem was how to be self-confident. I really wanted to believe that I could paint and become a painter but I did understand how difficult to do so. On the journey to search my own art language, I could understand how to be a professional painter. I did not stop. Sometimes, I felt tired and sometimes I walked slowly to listen to myself. My experience in producing fashion fabrics by hands has been helping me to consider what kind of art language is suitable for me. I stop at the abstract expressionism. I have been yearning for Jackson Pollock language that I will definitely try my best to pursue. My first solo exhibition represents my efforts on my first stage of the artistic journey where I have been working relentlessly.

Paintings of artist Tran Thi Thu

Orkid Gallery

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